Executive Director (ED):- To deal with the buyer and merchandiser.
- To set up price for the product.
- To plan, apply and control all administrative functions.
- To arrange necessary facilities for the buyer’s demand.
- To follow up the instruction of Managing Director and Chairman.

- To supervise the personnel working under him.
- To plan for the sequence of production.
- To arrange necessary raw materials for the production.
- To follow the production and give solution to the production problems.
- To find out the possible reasons which are responsible for less production.
- To follow up the instruction of Managing Director and Executive Director as well.

Production Officer:
- To follow up the instruction of Production Manager.
- To follow up the production process.
- To set instruction for the supervisors.
- To guide the supervisors.
- To find out the probable causes for less production.
- Should discuss with the Production Manager about today’s production and tomorrow’s plan.

Shift In Charge:- To set programs for the supervisors and to follow the worker’s movement.
- Should discuss with the Production Officer about what is happening in the floor and to maintain the production sequence.
- To check the sample at certain time interval.

Supervisor:- To guide the Operators and Helpers working at the production unit.
- To motivate the workers when necessary.
- To check the sample.
- To check the material’s list whether they are at right quantity or not.

Industrial Engineering Department :
- To follow up the production process
- Work process development
- SMV calculation & Line target
- Efficiency control
- Time study
- Capacity study
- Workers training
- M/c sequence lay out
- Thread consumption
- Operator Interview

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