There is various type of sample those are given below:

1. Original sample:
This type of sample made of original fabric and accessories according to buyer sketch and measurement.

2. Photo/ Develop sample:Here measurement is very important but need not to match the fabric and accessories.

3. Seal sample:
Seal sample is approved by the buyer with tag.

4. Size set:
All sizes of sample are produced such as S, M, L, XL, etc, and send to buyer.

5. Wash sample:Shade of wash sample must be matched with original sample after washing. It also determined by gray scale.

6. Pre-production sample:First garment of bulk production is called pre- production sample.

7. Add sample:
For advertising of the product buyer want this type of sample.

8. Sales man sample:

To supply the new product in different showroom, buyer wants this sample.

9. Photo sample:
Only photograph of the product is send to buyer.

10. Shipment/ Reference sample:
After completion the shipment of the garment some garment are kept in sample room which are known as shipment or reference sample.

11. Pre-line sample:This type of sample is collected from anyone line during production.

12. Lab-test sample:Sample is tested by third party or buyer’s nominated lab.

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